Readers should note that the official record of these terms is always that of the original English text. This must be used when an authoritative reference is required or when there is doubt about the interpretation of the text.

Fostering world-wide communications in all areas of Chemistry has been a long established goal of IUPAC activities since it was founded. This polymer glossary is intended as a web-based and user-friendly tool combining translations of terms of polymer science and their definitions in several languages. It is based on the "Glossary of Basic Terms in Polymer Science", which is one of the chapters of the "Compendium of Polymer Terminology and Nomenclature", known as Purple Book, published by IUPAC through the Royal Society of Chemistry.

An international team of polymer scientists are collaborating in this project and the translations are recognized by the relevant National Adhering Organization affiliated to IUPAC.

This first version includes translations in Czech, French, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese. Other translations are also going to be incorporated including non-western languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai, to name a few.

Cláudio G. dos Santos
Project Leader